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Online Physio - Access to Physiotherapy via Video Call

Do you need to see a physiotherapist but have found it wasn’t convenient or possible to attend an appointment at the time or location you wanted? At Terrace Physio Plus we offer online physiotherapy services and consultations to all of our clients, no matter where you live!

Physio Online is one of the most convenient, quick & simple ways to get solutions for your injury, without having to leave your home or workplace.

Our highly skilled physiotherapists will provide clarity on your injury, help you to get out of pain and set you up with a detailed plan to get you back to what you love doing. We will liaise with your current health care providers and provide you with any necessary referrals that you may requie to ensure your goals are being met in a holistic way.

Our online physiotherapy consultations will give you control over your pain or injury and fast track you towards amazing results. Extensive research has supported online consultations as an appropriate alternative to face-to-face consultations and is quickly becoming a desired way to access expert health advice.

Who is this Online Physiotherapy Service Ideal For?

Online physiotherapy consults are ideal for people who:

  • Want to save time and have the convenience of access to expert physiotherapy in their own home.
  • Would like access to the best physiotherapists who may not be available in the area they live in.
  • Are unable to attend the clinic location due to extenuating circumstances.
  • Are restricted by injury or disability which makes it difficult to attend an appointment.
  • Have been given a diagnosis, but would like further guidance or explanation surrounding their injury.
  • Want a second opinion from one of our expert physiotherapists.
  • Live overseas, rural or in a remote area.
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What does an online physiotherapy consult look like?

An online consultation at Terrace Physio Plus is very similar to a regular face to face physiotherapy consultation. Your physiotherapist will:

  • Listen to your story, understand you, your injury and how it impacts your life.
  • Provide a thorough examination through the video call, in which you will be asked to perform a variety of movements and asked some questions.
  • Provide clarity of your injury (likely diagnosis), education and advice, why your injury has occurred and how it will heal.
  • Provide appropriate treatment, advice and rehab exercises to provide symptom relief and long term improvements.
  • Tailor an individualised management plan that you can follow in order to immediately start working towards your goals and become pain and injury free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a couple of our most frequently asked questions regarding our Telehealth online physio services. The health and well being of our valued clients, community, and our team here at Terrace Physio Plus are our highest priority. If you would like to learn more you can contact us on (02) 4983 1765.


Check out all of the evidence base for online physiotherapy via this video!

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