Sam folbigg

Sam Folbigg attended the University of Newcastle and graduated from a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Class 1 Honours in 2014. Sam worked with the Newcastle Knights for 4 years, firstly as an intern physiotherapist and later staying on as a junior physiotherapist and head sports trainer in the Junior Development programme. Sam has a wide variety of experience in a number of settings and has a keen interest in musculoskeletal injuries. Sam has just returned from living and working in the United Kingdom for 2 years, working on major trauma orthopaedic units and spinal cord injury units in London.

Sam has worked for a number of local sporting teams and organisations around Newcastle and the Hunter, treating a variety of high-level Rugby League, Soccer and Netball athletes.

Sam’s passion is to help your recovery from injury, allowing you to be at your best and get the most out of life. Sam has a special interest in shoulders and sporting injuries.


What is your guilty pleasure? A good (preferable great) morning coffee

What is your favourite movie? Into the Wild

Name three people you would love to have dinner with? Yuval Noah Harari, Freddie Mercury, Ricky Gervais - for stimulating conversation, a bit of banter and a banging soundtrack.

Why do you love physiotherapy? I love the fact that every day I get to help people. Whether that be through education, empowerment, making you feel better or move better. If I can help put your mind and body at ease and can help you get a bit more out of life, then my day has been made.

What is your favourite book? Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harrari

What is your favourite place in the world? I have travelled to nearly 50 countries around the world, and every time I come home, I can’t help but feel how lucky we have it in Australia. Whether you’re in the tropics, the desert, the beach, the snow or the bush, the huge expanse and variety of unpolluted nature we have on our doorstep is hard to beat.

What do you love most about Terrace Physio Plus? I love the fact that Terrace Physio Plus prides itself, not only on providing extraordinary treatments, but pride ourselves on being a part of the community. We want you to feel at home every time you step through the door. We want you to feel valued, listened to and cared for. I love the fact that I get to work with such a close-knit team, full of enthusiasm and positivity, working as a team to get our clients back doing what they love.

What is your favourite quote? “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

What would people be surprised to know about you? I can sing 99 Luftballons in German