Physiotherapy can help all muscle, joint and ligament injuries, aches and pains. We treat all things from back pain, shoulder injuries, headaches and joint sprains. We treat chronic, long-term problems as well as acute injuries. 

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Physiotherapists are 'primary care providers' - any member of the public can see a physio, and you do not need a referral. We have an HIPCAPS terminal for on-the-spot claiming from your health fund (if you have one), and welcome anyone that we are able to help move well and feel great!

Physiotherapy consults will involve a comprehensive assessment to ascertain your pain history and medical history, and then a physical examination to discover the actual cause of your problem - not just the symptoms. Treatment can vary, but will often include a combination of hands-on manual therapy, massage, joint mobilisation, taping, exercise therapy, electrophysical modalities, dry needling and many other forms of treatment.


If your GP has provided you with up to 5 physiotherapy consults as part of your Enhanced Primary Care plan, you are entitled to a Medicare rebate on part of your consult fee. You can take your receipt to Medicare and they will rebate you, or you can claim online via the relevant Medicare portal.

Please be sure to bring your GP referral along with you when you attend our clinic so that we can process this for you.


All of our treating physiotherapists are WorkCover accredited and can help you recover and rehabilitate from your work injury. Please bring with you your GP referral, WorkCover Medical Certificate and the relevant details of your insurer (claim number, case manager, contact details, etc). If all of these details are provided correctly, we can invoice the insurer directly for you.


We can provide treatments for Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold card patients, and for approved areas on a DVA White Card. Please ensure that your bring a current DVA referral from your GP when you attend our clinic.


Our clinic can cater for your rehabilitation from any Compulsory Third Party motor vehicle accident claims. Please bring your GP referral and current acceptance of insurer liability specific for physiotherapy, and if all details are correct, we can invoice the insurer directly for your care.


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