Will My Physio See Me Too Much?

Will My Physio See Me Too Much?

A question we get asked really often is: “Will my physio try to see me too much, too many times?”

There is often a (legitimate) fear of not knowing exactly how long rehab might take, and what you are getting yourself into.

You may have even had a bad experience somewhere else, and were convinced that you needed to come back too much.

We want to bust those myths.

The truth is, the answer to your question is NO! (At least not at our clinics!)

Often times, in most clinics in my experience, patients aren't seen enough to adequately rehab their injury to a satisfactory standard.

And if you don’t get seen enough, you’re potentially going re-injure yourself, you’re going to be back to square one, and you’re going to have to go through the whole rehab process all over again.


Our commitment to you

At our clinic, we refuse to see you too much, and we promise never to over service you - to see you more than you need to be seen.

But we also promise to see you through to the end of your treatment - to get you across the line and back to your goals whatever that might be.

Whether it’s to run half marathon, or get back to touch footy, or to be able to get around home independently by yourself so you don’t have to end up in a nursing home (if you’re elderly)!

If it means back to playing with your kids or getting back to work, whatever your goals are we want to see you to the end of that.


What You Need To Know

We promise and commit not to over treat you, not to see you more than you need to be seen, but to see you enough that we get your injury back to normal and that we prevent any further re-occurrence as much as we can.

You won’t be overseen with us, and any investment in your health, wellness and movement is a good investment.

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