Why Should You Attend Our Seminar (HINT: Free Massage Vouchers!)

You might have seen earlier this week that we are hosting a seminar series, with the first being about foam rolling. You may not know what foam rolling is, or you may already be using a foam roller and/or other devices to help with your mobility and injury prevention. In case you were unsure as to whether this is for you, here are a few answers to your questions!

1. Who is it for?

The seminar is aimed at the average, everyday person who takes their health and wellness seriously. You don't need to be an elite athlete (although there will be some in attendance), you don't even need to play a team sport. But if you are pro-active with your health and fitness, and participate in any type of exercise 2 times a week or more, you need to learn about how to maintain your body better.

2. Do I need to be a CrossFit member?

No! You don't even need to know what CrossFit is - we simply have a partnership with the crossfit gym in our area, and are using their facilities. It might even be a good opportunity for you to learn about what CrossFit actually is, and how it might be able to help you with your goals.

3. What will you gain?

You will receive valuable insights into how you can maximise your mobility and flexibility to improve your performance (in whatever it is that you do for fitness and fun) and decrease your injury risk. Too many people do not make the investment into maintaining their body, just like you would you car. Take some time and put back into your body, and learn the secrets and the insights to maximise your time and effort - you will not regret it!


Also, on the day, we will have limited vouchers available for a FREE MASSAGE VOUCHER (when you book a 30 min massage on the day). But you need to be there for the voucher code. 

Check out the event page over HERE or our original announcement HERE. We can't wait to see you, and help you move well and feel great! If you need an appointment, be sure to BOOK ONLINE today.