What is Bursitis?

What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is a common ultrasound finding, and a diagnosis that you may have heard of before.

It is a really common injury or source of pain, and be found on the shoulder, hip, elbow, knee and heel.

Believe it or not, you have bursae all over your body and they are little, tiny, thin fluid-filled sacs that sit between a tendon and a bone.

Bursa are located outside the joint, and normally this system works perfectly - but if you have something go wrong in the tendon, or an impact into the tendon, they can react and create a bursitis.

They're quite important because they stop friction between the tendon and the bone.


Why does bursitis hurt?

What can happen with an injury is the bursa will fill up with fluid and get very very painful.

They hurt because of where bursa sit in the joints, particularly in the shoulder, and around the elbow and the knees.

If they fill up with fluid, they really affect how that joint moves.


What can be done for bursitis?

Often, the treatment for bursitis is an injection, followed by physiotherapy, which will settle a bursa really well.

However, bursitis will almost always resolve with the appropriate physiotherapy over 3-4 weeks - this is the most effective model of treatment.

An injection will settle the swelling and the pain nicely, but this process hasn't really addressed why the bursa swell in the first place.

I've been diagnosed with bursitis, now what?

A good Physiotherapist will do everything to unpack that diagnosis on your imaging (ultrasound) and help you understand why you are in pain.

Even when you've got some bursitis present, we will always be looking for the cause or underlying issue - which is usually found in the tendon or joint.

That a whole other article for another time!

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