Should You Have Surgery Or Physiotherapy For Back Pain?


If you have had an episode of back pain, you know that it is horrible.

We get it - back pain is one of the main problems that we see in our physiotherapy clinics.

Our physiotherapists have seen 100's of back pain presentations each - we know how it feels.

As experts in pain and injury rehabilitation, we are confidently able to help you get through this episode of back pain and quickly as possible.

We often hear that some people (doctors included!) think the immediate solution to repair a back injury is by having surgery.

It is highly likely that you actually don't need to see a surgeon right away.

We've seen too many people in the clinic who undergo surgery prematurely, although it is not necessary and they don't get the outcomes that they want!


The Truth About Back Pain And Surgery

The truth is that more than half of back surgeries are not successful.

They're not failures in terms of people dying (thank goodness!), but they're not successful in reducing pain significantly.

Back surgery is applicable only in the most extreme cases such as spinal cord compression.

Most discs can heal themselves, and most spinal joints or muscle sprains can heal with time, and with the right exercises and the right therapy you can be back to what you love, moving well and feeling great.

How To Fix Your Back Pain Today

In the case of a back injury, it is necessary to consult with a physiotherapist.

But, it may or may not be necessary to see a specialist - whether it's an orthopaedic or neurological specialist (and we can help you with that referral).

The best answer is to get moving, to get stable, strong, mobile and get back to doing what you love.

If you've got any questions, send us a message on Facebook or email, we'll be happy to help you out.

We're here to help!