A Stretch For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Nerve Sliders For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Get you nerves moving again with special stretches called nerve sliders, also known as neural glides, neural flossing, or nerve stretching. 

There are three major nerves in the arm that can get damaged or trapped at your neck, shoulder, wrist or elbow. They are called the ulnar nerve, median nerve and radial nerve.

Nerve Problems

Nerve problems in the hands is commonly found in office workers. You might have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve injuries. 

There's a really easy way to try and help prevent that sort of thing and nerve sliders is the solution. 

For carpal tunnel syndrome, you need to focus on the median nerve.

Imagine yourself like waiters when they carry a carry a plate or a tray, take those fingers out and stretch them away from your body as far as you can.

You know you are doing it right when your palm is facing up to the ceiling and it's not rotating down, turn that palm up.

You can even take your neck away by tilting and turning away if you like.

Don't hold in that position for too long because you'll get a bit funny in your fingers.

Hold it for one to two seconds for ten times every hour on both sides.

You'll experience a massive difference in the flexibility and the tension in your forearms