Stiff Back? Thoracic Spine Rotation Exercise


Are you having posture problems?

Do you have hunchback posture from sitting all day at work? 

Far too often we see people stiff and rounded and unable to move through their thorax because they sit at a desk or drive trucks all day long.

If your problem is your posture, use this simple exercise to improve your posture, mobility and upper body function.



While sitting down, all you need to do is to grab a hold of the chair and then turn your shoulders around to look behind you as far as you can.

This works better if the chair you're sitting on has armrests.


Hold that position for a couple of seconds, relax, and then turn again.

You want to make sure though that you're hanging onto something - just sitting there and twisting and turning isn't all that helpful.

You need to grab on and leverage as we turn, hold for a couple of seconds and then repeat.

Do this for ten times on both sides and you'll find that it will really open up your thorax and your sternum.




You can also add an extra 'plus' stretch to the top of it - grab a hold, turn, and then lift your chest up - this makes a MASSIVE difference!

This is perfect for people who wants to improve their upper body stability, mobility and strength.

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