Sore Shins Or Shin Splints From Running?


Walking and running are great exercises but when you're new to it, there is a chance you may end up with sore shins at some point.

Aside from running, if you are wearing high heels or if you wear dress shoes with a nice big chunky heel, a common complaint would be aching shins. 

When your foot is up and pointed like that, the muscles in and around your shins muscles are working overtime. 


Get yourself a foam roller to treat and beat sore shins and do this exercise - check the video.

Get upright and put all your body weight down through your shins, or if you need to rest down on your hands that's perfect.

Roll forwards and backwards like you are trying to squeeze out some toothpaste from those shins, then you can roll over to the right side just to get your right leg or you can roll over to the left and just get your left leg.

Roll it nice and slowly for 30 seconds and when you find that spot sore and aching, put a little bit of extra pressure on it and then bend and flex your toes nice and slowly for about ten repetitions and then move around, find another sore spot. 

Hold it there and then bend and flex your toes ten more times. It should be uncomfortable but not painful.

When you get back up off that roller, your shins will feel heaps better, and you'll have a lot more movement.

Those muscles and tissues will be nice, soft and supple!