Sore Back From Sitting? Try This!

We are going to keep it short and sweet for you in this blog post - a common problem, and a quick solution! 

So often people come to a physiotherapist or massage therapist with back pain - it is probably the most common complaint we see. More often than not, it is not due to a specific moment of injury like lifting something heavy, but from maintaining certain postures for extended periods of time.

If these positions are less than ideal, the body will generate pain in order to tell you it isn't happy, and wants to move more!

One of the most simple quick fixes for back pain from sitting is 'lumbar extenstions'. These are done by placing your fingertips near your spine, similar to putting your hands on your hips.

Slightly bend your knees, gently squeeze your butt cheeks together, and push your hips forward as if you were arching up to the sky. Don't go too far though - just to the point of a gentle stretch. Tighten your tummy muscles and return to the starting position. Repeat 10-12 times, every two hours when sitting. 

These should not be painful, but relieving if you have a sore or irritated back from sitting for long periods. If they cause any more pain, please give us a call and see a Physio right away.

These exercises might not get to the root of the problem, but they will give you some relief and get you moving again, so that you can then begin a rehab program aimed at preventing pain in the first place!

if you have back pain, please give us a call on 4983-1765 and we will get on top of it for you straight away!