So what even is PHYSIOTHERAPY?

I wanted to take a bit of a different tangent today. I hope that is alright. I want to get slightly more personal, and slightly philosophical. So let's go on a short journey into what physiotherapy actually is...

The word 'physiotherapy' is actually a combination of two words - physical therapy. Our profession is founded upon using literally 'physical' modalities to illicit a therapeutic response. This is in contrast to medicine, which uses medicinal or pharmaceutical modalities as therapy. Physiotherapists also have the knowledge and skills to diagnose problems and conditions within their scope, and you don't need a referral to see a physio

Traditionally, physiotherapy has been rooted in 'passive' physical therapies, such as massage, joint mobilisations, ultrasound and taping/bracing. And these are still vitally important aspects of physiotherapy treatment.

However, the scope of physiotherapy has evolved, along with the evidence base, to place greater importance on active treatments, exercise programs, movement control, injury prevention and movement pattern correction, all of which greatly improve outcomes for patients. 

What sets us apart at Terrace Physio Plus is not only our highly skilled therapists, excellent facilities and our modern treatment approach - it's the way we treat people. We are not just interested in seeing your injury or pain healed (although that is important!) - we are interested in who you are, what your goals are, what your experience has been and how we can not just fix you, but walk alongside you to see you not just move well, but feel great too.

And we don't mind whether that is to run a marathon, smash a PB, or compete in the local competition this weekend - or whether it is so that you can go back to working for yourself in your own business, or maintain your independence at home.

Whatever it is, or focus is on solving your problem and helping more people move well and feel great, whatever it takes. 

And we would love to help you. Don't delay any longer. Give us a call today on (02) 4983-1765 or drop us a line at or and we'd love to be a part of your journey!



Jack and the team.