Shoulder Stability (Part 2)


The shoulder is a dynamic and amazing joint that needs to be strengthened and remain stable as much as POSSIBLE.

Reduce the risk for injury using this much needed exercise for the shoulders.


What you need is a four kilo kettlebell (or you can use six if you're strong) it's not so much about the weight as it is about the stability.

Hold it in a bottoms-up position - normal kettlebells go on the side of your wrist but doing this creates things a little bit more unstable. 


Shoulders must be positioned at 90 degrees and your elbow at 90 degrees and then you want to march on the spot.

Train your trunk and your shoulder to stay stable as your pelvis and your legs are moving around. This is very important for functional shoulder stability.

You should do some shoulder presses too; you will appreciate having a kettlebell bottoms up because it teaches you to keep that kettlebell straight and it teaches your elbow to be pressing in a forwards motion while your shoulder stays externally rotated. 



What we don't want is for that kettlebell to start facing forwards and your elbow to be flaring out to the side, that's a less than ideal position.

Elbow should be forwards and kettlebell pointing forwards while pressing that up and overhead, do it nice and slow and controlled and this will really teach your shoulder to work hard to stabilise as you move through resistance.

This exercise is fantastic and highly recommended for those who are doing high rep, crossfit style functional exercises. You need to be stable up here otherwise you're going to end up in trouble. 

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