Shoulder Stability (Part 1)


The shoulders are among the most important muscles we use on a daily basis. Did you know that improper use of the shoulders can cause pain, injury and instability?

Overused shoulders, poor mobility in the shoulders, or improper use of the shoulders can cause instability and may cause pain in that area.

It is important to do exercises regularly in order to mobilise the shoulder area to prevent instability after an injury or on prolong periods of disuse.  

Doing flexion movements using a resistance band can help you develop some shoulder stability. 

The exercise in the video above for the shoulder is really helpful in stabilising the ball and socket, which is where so many people get impingement or instability.

If pain or discomfort occur, do this exercise at home or wherever you are the moment it happens. 

This is an effective treatment that can help restore strength, coordination and stability in your shoulder.