Running Tips For Beginners (Part 5 of 5)

Getting into running, especially if you are a beginner, can be daunting.

Many novice and beginner runners look for tips for their running, as they start (or get back into) the sport.

Now that the warmer months are upon us, a lot of us come out of hibernation and want to get more active.

The following article series will help you in your quest for running glory, and will hopefully prevent a running disaster.


“Running is bad for your knees, and don’t even get me started on road running!!!”

I hear these things from my patients so often.

Turns out, these ideas aren’t entirely true.

Studies show that knee osteoarthritis rates in recreational runners are LESS than that of sedentary people (although elite runners have higher rates of knee OA).

Also, run on a road, then run on grass.

Which feels harder?

With less ground reaction forces, like grass, your muscles have to do a little more to get that spring back up.

For variety, I think it’s a good idea to mix up your running surfaces, to keep your body on it’s toes, figuratively (and literally).


This is the big take home message.

People who are training at continuously high loads are less likely than people who have spikes and dips in their consistency.

That’s because the first group of people are used to the volume, whereas the second group will not be used to the sporadic long runs.

So try and be consistent with your running, and if you’ve been busy, or sick, and have had a quiet week or 2 running, be prepared to drop back and build up again.


So I hope the information I’ve given you over the past few articles has helped you feel more confident in starting out your running journey.

And if you do encounter any difficulties, or have had an injury or some pain for the last few runs, come and see me or a physio you trust, and don’t let it drag on!

Happy running!

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