Running Tips For Beginners (Part 2 of 5)

Getting into running, especially if you are a beginner, can be daunting.

Many novice and beginner runners look for tips for their running, as they start (or get back into) the sport.

Now that the warmer months are upon us, a lot of us come out of hibernation and want to get more active.

The following article series will help you in your quest for running glory, and will hopefully prevent a running disaster.


Don’t push yourself if your body is telling you to stop!

Training plans are great, but sometimes we can’t complete what we set out to do, and that’s okay!

If your body is telling you it’s not coping with the amount of running, drop back a little with your speed or distance. You’ll avoid burnout (and injury) by doing this.


This is another great tip for injury prevention.

If you’re aiming to complete a parkrun running the whole way, yes you need to have good cardiovascular fitness, but you also need strong legs and trunk with good muscular endurance and efficiency.

So aim for 2 strength sessions per week (this is recommended for adults in general anyway).

Legs and abdominals are important to strengthen for running, but don’t forget arms either!

You can do these sessions on the day you’re not running, or after a run.


Running can sometimes get a bit monotonous, especially if you’re running the same route, same distance, every run, week in, week out.

  • Vary your runs.
  • To build cardiovascular fitness, have a long run each week.
  • To work on speed, do intervals or tempo runs (running at your goal race pace for 20-40mins for example).
  • Add in an easy  recovery run.
  • Change the routes you run.
  • Do a fast run on flat road.
  • Challenge your lungs and legs with hills, and proprioception and foot and ankle strength with trails.
  • Run with a friend or join a running group.

This helps to keep things interesting and keep you motivated.

There are lots of running groups around the Hunter area, so have a search online and you’ll be sure to make new friends.


The information over the past few articles will help you feel more confident in starting out your running journey.

And if you do encounter any difficulties, or have had an injury or some pain for the last few runs, come and see me or a physio you trust, and don’t let it drag on!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our series of running tips for beginners.

Happy running!

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