Pillow Talk: Can A Pillow Help My Neck Pain?

Will a pillow help neck pain and headaches?

Do you suffer from neck pain, headaches, migraines, or difficulty getting to sleep?

The cause of this can often come from the pillow.

Maintaining posture throughout the day is very important, however we also spend up to eight hours a day sleeping.

For this we all need the appropriate support to allow the soft tissue structures supporting the neck to relax and recover from the daily load it is placed under.

Reducing this load at night tight works to reduce headaches, neck pain, stiffness, snoring and ultimately improves quality of sleep through improving neck and head position.

When should I replace my pillow?

Standard (polyester) pillows should be replaced every six months as they lose structural support!

We often replace our footwear regularly after six months up to a year if we spend time walking, standing or playing sports.

Just like footwear, our pillows need to be replaced.

If you have a memory foam pillow the structural integrity can last from 18 months to 36 months.

Which is better: a soft or firm pillow?

Firm pillows contour to the body well providing ideal support to the neck and head.

Soft pillows whilst often more comfortable in the short term do not offer satisfactory support to enhance quality of sleep.

A firm pillow allows the muscles to relax and be supported, reducing pain experienced in the morning.

Should my pillow be high or low?

This is personal preference!

Denton’s pillows provide both options (high or low contour) to allow individuals to find their ideal pillow and improve neck pain and quality of sleep.

A pillow that allows for correct neutral head and neck position that encourages relaxation of the supporting structures is what the pillow should provide!

Does shape of the pillow matter?

Everyone is individualised!

Put simply … YES!

Denton’s contoured pillows have a slight rise where the neck will rest and a hollowing (contour) where the head rests.

This clever design allows the neck muscles to rest, relax and recover.

Is there an adjustment period for the new pillow?

A gradual “breaking in period” is required and easing into the amount of time spent using a

Denton’s contoured pillow.

This will allow the body to adjust from previous pillow use.

It is encouraged to spent up to 20 minutes resting on the contoured pillow initially, swapping with the previous pillow as needed.

Each night it is recommended to increase time spent resting on the contoured pillow until desired comfort is achieved.

Once you have try a Denton’s contoured pillow you will never go back!