Do I Need Physio After Shoulder Surgery?

Do I Need Physio After Shoulder Surgery?

Rotator cuff repair is the most common surgery we see in the physio clinic.

Oftentimes you'll be put in a sling for six weeks. It can be frustrating to be told not to move your shoulder and just to move at the elbow and the wrist.

Most of our patients find it hard to do so!

Being in a sling for six weeks and not moving your shoulder can cause stiffness, soreness and weakness to the affected part. 

Physiotherapy comes in handy at this time and is definitely what you will need.


Mobilise Again

Regular exercises or mobilisation is recommended to restore motion and flexibility to the affected shoulder.

Gradually return to your daily routine for quick and full recovery after shoulder surgery.

We can help by giving you massage, mobilisation exercises and we will teach you on how to turn on the right muscles and get things moving again.


Physio is Vital to Your Recovery

Physio plays a very important role after surgery, it will affect how quickly you get back to your work, sport and the things you love.

If you've got questions, if you've got a surgery coming up, if you've had a shoulder surgery get in touch with us. Our team of physios from Terrace Physio Plus can help!