Physitrack - Physio Exercises And How We Are Different

Physiotherapy is broken.

Having now conducted 10,000+ physiotherapy consults myself (Jack), I’ve noticed something bleedingly obvious, but at the same time, something that has hardly been changed or challenged in the history of physiotherapy.

I think it is about time there is some progress - for your sake, the patient.

There is nothing worse than seeing a health professional, and being unclear about what happens AFTER your appointment. Right?!


Here’s the problem.

You see, the main crux, the tenet, the cornerstone of physiotherapy is movement and exercise.

You may only be face to face with your therapist for an hour or two per week - and there are 168 hours in a week!

Over the course of a 6-week rehab journey, you might see your physio for 6-8 hours out of the 800+ hours that your rehab may take.

People like you are not receiving the care that they should, and not getting the outcomes that they seek.

It’s time we fix that for you!


Here’s where exercises come in

This is why good physiotherapists are experts in exercise and movement.

The tailored exercises that a physio gives you that are specific to your condition and rehabilitation really do determine the outcome of your care.

They make or break the process, in a lot of instances.


The big question!

Why is it, then, that for so long we have accepted stick figures, crumpled pieces of paper or inaccurate scribbles and  drawings from physios with little to no education content or specific prescription?

Why is arguably one of the most important facets of physiotherapy, given such little attention to detail, is a rushed part of the process, and with no controls or assistance around it to give it the best chance of working optimally for you and your pain?


Our search for a solution

Your experience, the client experience, is paramount to us.

We know that a positive, friendly and fun experience is always more enjoyable and rewarding, but we also know that it has significant effects on your health and physio outcomes.

This is why we are hell-bent on fixing physiotherapy, on providing a physiotherapy experience like no other, and rigorous in our search for tools to implement to help you.

And if the process around physio exercises is a roadblock or a bottleneck, we are going to fix that!


The answer?

In comes Physitrack.

We discovered Physitrack by chance and necessity, really.

We had purchased some new equipment, and were looking at duplicating our old, prehistoric exercise software.

We are passionate about implementing ‘the cloud’ and cloud technology to improve our efficiencies and improve your experience, and in came Physitrack.

After comparing it to a few of its competitors, we found that it was the best product for us - and the best product for you!

Here are some of the features that were really attractive :

  • A brilliant library of 3500+ exercises, all with video, written and voice commentary

  • A huge range of exercises, including simple rehab to advanced conditioning

  • Integration with Cliniko, our practice management software and client database

  • Ease and speed of use

  • The ability to deliver exercise programs in a variety of ways - printed, emailed, video, and via an app

  • The ability to deliver extras, such as questionnaires and education material

  • The feedback that can be generated from you - exercise adherence, pain levels, etc.

Amongst a huge list of other features, these were the ones that really stood out to us.


How it works

Here is a glimpse at how Physitrack works:

  1. Exercise library

This is what it looks like! Great descriptors, well set out, easy to search.

It makes our job faster and easier, so that you get the exercises that you specifically need.

terrace physio plus physitrack 1



2. Education and Program Library

Similar to the exercise library, we have a HUGE library of programs (that might be relevant if there is a ‘standard’ or ‘best practice’ for the rehab of your particular injury).

Further, we know that education is power, and almost always, incorporating an education component not only makes you feel better, it literally can speed up the rehab process.

terrace physio plus physitrack 2



3. Exercise description

With detailed videos and written explanations, as well as options for us as therapists to enter comments and set the parameters (sets, reps, time, load, etc) we can make sure everything is perfect for every client.

terrace physio plus physitrack 3



4. Easy assigning to each client.

We can get your program to you in a multitude of ways!

Print, email, SMS or app - guaranteed, you will NOT lose your exercises or be left in the dark as to the details of how to complete them.

terrace physio plus physitrack 4



5. Customise what gets delivered

We make sure that you get what is important to you - that may be a questionnaire, a pain scale, or a daily record of you actually completing your exercise.

Whatever it takes to ensure you get the outcome, care and treatment that you need.

terrace physio plus physitrack 5



6. Progress reporting

Physitrack allows you to map your adherence, pain, questions and anything else that might be relevant.

This means we can monitor you THROUGH your progress, not just face to face.

This equals better outcomes and goals for you!

terrace physio plus physitrack 6



As with any industry, there are cracks and problems with physiotherapy.

Our mission is to help more people move well and feel great, and we as passionate about providing a service like none other.

You won’t get ‘standard’ physiotherapy from us.

You get state-of-the-art, via tools like Physitrack.

Sure, there might be the odd other progressive clinic using software similar, for all its wonderful features.

But you can rest assured that when you trust us at Terrace Physio Plus with your healthcare, we will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and do whatever it is that you love, pain free!


If you have any questions about Physitrack, or our model of care - please, drop me a line at