Should You Have Physio Before Shoulder Surgery?

Do you Need Physio Before Shoulder Surgery?

It's common for people to ask if they still need to see a Physio before shoulder surgery.

Doctors and specialists will often recommend that you see a physiotherapist for prehabilitation before surgery. 

We can help get your shoulder as good as it can get prior surgery and we will also teach you what you got to do post surgery and the weeks to follow so we can get things going at a quicker pace.

Physio Before Shoulder Surgery

It doesn't matter what type of surgery it is for your shoulder, what matters is we try and see you at least once or twice before you have an operation on your shoulder. 

Once you're done with surgery, if you've have pre-operative physio, it is easier for us to help you strengthen and stabilise those muscles and get you out of your sling as soon as possible.

This will assist you in getting your life back, moving as quickly and healthily as possible.

If you've got any questions around shoulder surgery and physiotherapy, please talk to any of our team at Terrace Physio Plus.