Opening Your Hips: A Hip Flexor Stretch For Those Who Sit All Day


If you're spending a great deal of time sitting on a chair at a desk or if you're driving a lot, know that you spend a lot of time in hip flexion.

Sitting too much can cause your glutes and hips to be super tight.

A foam roller does the trick, if you have one get on that roller and set yourself up.

Keep your foot up nice and high and then knee up towards the ceiling, don't get lazy and let it drop down.

Now roll around nice and slow, soften up all those muscles (just like you're squeezing cream out of a tube).

Spend at least 30 to 60 seconds rolling around from right at the bottom or your sit bone all the way up to the top of your pelvis.

Find those sore spots and keep rolling on it; you might want to do it a little bit straighter while sitting or just a bit more to the side.

If there's a particularly sore spot, you might want to put a little bit more body weight and pressure down through it and move that knee up and down.

It will definitely make a big difference to those tight spots.

Just spend 60 seconds on those tight spots to loosen up your glutes and your hip capsule.