How To Manage Constant Gym Soreness

You go to the gym for a few reasons. You want to stay (or get) healthy. You want to look good (let's face it, that's the main reason!). You're forced to by a friend or relative.

And you like the outcomes, but that constant muscle ache and soreness (and walking funny after leg day) gets old after a while. It's time to get that soreness sorted, and when it comes to working out and massage, “less is more” certainly doesn’t apply.

Massage should be considered part of a long term wellness routine, just as diet and exercise are all part of your overall plan to be healthy. If you are active and training with a purpose, It’s best to have a massage as frequently as every 2 weeks.

Next time you finish one of those “I’m going to be sore for days” endurance workouts, try a quick massage. HIIT session? Bootcamp? Seriously - try a massage! There is nothing "soft" about it - you will be helping your muscles recover faster, getting you back to maximal training sooner, and feeling better in the process! 

Muscles become tight over time, and pain and injury can sneak up on us if we become used to living with constant soreness. A regular massage routine helps with the prevention of injuries that occur when muscles become tight and unmaintained.

You wouldn't drive your car for 20,000km without getting it serviced (or shouldn't!) - so why let your body become unmaintained? Prevention is always better than a cure, and investment in a regular massage will help to reduce your chances of injury significantly!

An intense exercise schedule can lead to an increase in cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in your body.  A chronic build-up of cortisol can result in altered moods, poor sleep patterns and eventual burn-out - not to mention a decrease in exercise capacity and function.

Your performance will suffer if your body is in a near-constant state of 'stress', so it is vital to address this regularly. Massages have been shown to significantly reduce stress levels and level out the body's stress response hormones.  

On top of that, massage has also been shown help more serious mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

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