How Massage can Reduce Your Stress This Festive Season

Yes, the flu season has been and gone, and yes, this is one of those times when things get can get a little crazy and stressful!

Making sure that all of the required presents are bought, there’s food on the table and the sheets are clean for the in-laws to stay, or simply just navigating the shopping centres - they say that this is 'the most wonderful time of the year', but as we all know, it’s can also be the most stressful time of year too!

Unfortunately for your body, the festive season is also the most neglectful time of the year, from food to fitness, and we don’t think that’s fair! We all know that stress can makes us feel fatigued, give us migraines or headaches, and dampen our immune system, and putting ourselves first is the last thing we do.

It is in these times that our body needs something akin to a caffeine hit - and a massage does this perfectly!

Having a massage boosts your circulatory system and immune system, helps to clear toxins, gets rid of those headaches and migraines and generally helps you move well and feel great as you launch into 2016. 

Regardless of when you schedule a massage for, it’ll refresh your body and you’ll be feeling great.

Give our team at Terrace Physio Plus a call on (02) 4983-1765 or head to today and do yourself a favour as we head into 2016!