Forearm Massage: How to relieve forearm and elbow pain


Most people complain how tired their hands and arms are after working all day.

You might be stuck in a desk doing heaps of keyboard and mouse work (we feel you!) but did you know you can easily release your forearms from stress and tension?

If you know how to do self massage on your hands, wrists and forearms, you can do the massage with the help of a ball, it could be a tennis ball but we suggest you get a really good massage trigger point ball from your nearest physio.


The forearms can get really stiff and thick with all the work it does for you and you might end up with an RSI (repetitive strain injury) or a tennis elbow type problem. Everytime you feel tiredness on your forearms, a ball can ease the stiffness and tightness in those muscles. Keep a ball ready inside your drawer or bag anytime you want to massage your forearm. It builds up the circulation and get some blood flowing through those tissues which is really good for you.


Start through the back of your forearm to get your blood flowing, use the desk for some support and extra pressure.

Do it once every two hours and feel the difference in your forearms, now you don't have to worry about ending up having RSI. 

Let us know how you go!