Foam Rolling Your Thoracic Spine

Foam Rolling For Your Thoracic Spine 

Have you used a foam roller before?

Chances are, most people have, or at least seen it done somewhere!

But do you really know how to use a foam roller, and do you know how to get the most out of it for your thoracic spine?

Let us explain how a foam roller functions for you to get the best results in the quickest (and most comfortable way!) possible.


Why Would I Do Foam Rolling?

They are so easy to use and very effective if you want to relax your back muscles and help relieve stiffness and aches through your upper back.

It is also wonderful for joint mobilisation and irritations. 


Which One Should I Get?

It is important that you get yourself a good quality high-density foam roller from us at Terrace Physio Plus, or from somewhere you know and trust.

How To Do It

First, you need to sit in front of the roller (check out the video for more tips) and get square on top, with the roller just at the base of your ribcage and lay down on it that way.

Then, plant your feet nice and strongly, cross your hands across your shoulders or your chest, then start rolling up and down while keeping your trunk and torso level with the floor.

If done incorrectly, foam rolling can be fairly uncomfortable, and of little benefit.

You need to roll for at least 60 seconds to get an effect.

Find a particularly sore spot, and then you want to plant your hips on the floor and relax.

Take your head and the portion that's above the roller and oscillate up and down in a rocking motion.

Don't worry if you hear clicks coming from your spine, it doesn't indicate anything serious. It's not necessary in order to get a good effect, but it's not harmful either.

It is helpful to rock up and down ten times on each level and then roll yourself up a little bit higher and repeat.

It's really important that you don't let your ribcage flare too much, keep it nice and tight and only what's up above the roller moves, nothing else. 

Do this for 60 seconds rolling up and down, and then 10 repetitions on each level and that'll be really helpful in increasing the mobility through your thoracic spine. 

If you have any questions let us know, our local expert physiotherapists will be happy to answer them for you. We will help get you moving well and feeling great in no time!