Foam Rolling For Low Back Pain

Foam Rolling For Low Back Pain

Low back pain is often caused by tightness and stiffness in the lumbar muscles.

It can be very restrictive and debilitating.

Foam rolling is a great way to look after this pain independently.

Having a foam roller is a great start - but knowing how to use it is even more important!

If you're feeling tight and stiff from a whole lot of deadlifts or just sitting at work a lot, you probably need to do some rolling for your back to relieve tension, ease pain or just stretch it out.

There are many ways on how you can use a foam roller, but this technique is one we use all the time, and recommend to our clients in our clinics.

Start by sitting on your roller and then roll yourself forward.

Grab hold of one knee as you come forward and pull it up to your chest.

Roll your butt forward, grab one knee and then relax back.

By grabbing a hold of your knee, it stops your spine falling into too much extension.

This will give you the extra balance needed, and the other leg goes out in front of you, rolling forwards and backwards across the muscles of your spine.

Roll to your left a little bit more and do the same thing over to the right, it opens up your back and helps ease pain and stiffness.

If you need assistance make sure to call us up or visit one of our clinics near you!