Should I Attend My Final Physio Appointment?

We get asked regularly the question - “do I need to attend my final physio consult?

You're not alone if you have thought about skipping your final appointment, although we fully understand this sentiment!

It is a totally reasonable question to ask, especially if no one has explained the importance or significance of a final appointment, and it is a situation that requires an explanation so that you can make an informed decision.

As therapists who are often faced with this situation, we thought it would be useful to give our clients an insight into why we think your final appointment is a vital piece of your rehab puzzle!

Do I Really Need to Attend?

To answer the question of whether you need to attend your final physio appointment, the answer is "YES, PLEASE DO!"

So often we are faced with people cancelling their last appointment, and what it means is that you’ve run the whole race of your injury rehab for often what is an extended period of time, and you pull up short - you don’t cross the finish line, or make it over the final hurdle.

You finish with your injury 90% better, not quite 100%.

This is such as a shame, as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that injuries that are not fully recovered have a significantly higher chance of becoming chronic, or recurring, issues.

Why Should I Attend?

It’s really important that we teach you how to maintain your health and fitness by yourself afterwards, that we progress your exercises and that we prevent any further injury, because far too often we see people back in our treatment rooms who didn’t quite finish their treatment plan and they’ve re-injured themselves.

It doesn't matter what area of the body it is - whether it is ankles or back pain, headaches or shoulder injuries - whatever it is, the principle still applies.

If your physiotherapist or massage therapist has suggested that you come back in for another appointment, please do it.

We are experts, and we will only recommend what would be the best case scenario for you. 

We’ve got your best interest at heart.

So, should you attend your last physio appointment? YES.

Is it for our benefit as a therapist? Only because we care about you getting to 100%!

It’s for you, to make sure that you don’t re-injure yourself and that you are moving well, feeling great and back to 100%.

Don't sell yourself short and take the easy route - make good decisions for your long term health, and finish your rehab race!

And, if you ever have any questions about your rehab, please ask your physio - we are always more than happy to clarify what the treatment goals are and how our appointments are contributing to your best interests. You can reach us by heading to the Contact Us page, or dropping an email to