Emotional Benefits of Remedial Massage

Most of us can agree that a remedial massage is amazing, and feels great!

Many people get remedial massage for their tight muscles, sore backs and headaches.

Beyond these physical benefits, massage can also help you emotionally.

Here are a few reasons why massage can help improve your emotional well-being:


1. Alleviate anxiety, depression & stress

This happens to everyone and can have very damaging consequences.

The ability to relax during a massage helps the body to reduce the causes & symptoms of stress.

Massage helps to stimulate the development of endorphin’s such as serotonin & dopamine which help with depression.


Revitalise your mind & self-awareness

In the busy and fast-paced world we live in, it is easy to lose the connection between our minds and bodies.

Massage can bring to your attention stiff muscles and tensions that you might not have even noticed.

We also can fill our minds with worries, wants, regrets & desires.

Meditating & relaxing during massage treatment can help your mind to reassess situations & let you isolate what’s important and let go of what’s not significant.


Improved energy & concentration

Massage helps to improve sleep.

If you’re able to sleep properly it has lasting effects on your energy levels.

If you renew your energy this leads to improved decision making & you can adopt a clearer sense of thinking and focus.

Sometimes if your facing illness, stress or pain it can lead to trouble concentrating.

Massage helps to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and relieve pain.

In turn, the effects on the body will provide clarity and energy. 



By going for a massage you are empowering yourself by receiving treatment, education, resources and self-care information from your massage therapist.

By choosing massage therapy you are prioritising mind, body and well-being by making informed decisions regarding your health. 


These are just a few benefits of massage therapy. If you have never had a massage before or you regularly experience the emotional benefits of massage don’t hesitate to go & book another one, you won’t regret it!