Dead Bugs For Core Stability

Core Stability Exercises - Dead Bugs

We're not talking about dead bugs (literally - haha!) - this is an exercise for your core and abdominal muscles that works on the front and back of the body.

This is highly recommended to people who have low back pain and people who always arch their back too much (hyperlordosis).

You need to lay on your back with your feet or your knees and your hands up in the air as if you're on all fours.

Dead insects tend to do this, hence the name of the exercise!

Lie on the floor and lift your hands and knees.

Then, alternate your arms and legs going out. Keep your back pressed down into the floor as you bring one leg out.

Make the movement extra difficult by taking the leg out as you take the opposite arm back over your head and bring them back again to the starting position.

It's easy and fun to do at home or, if you have enough space in your office, (although you may attract some interesting reactions!) 

Only go as far as your back will let you - when you feel your back arching, that is your limit of range of motion.

Do it nice and slowly and make sure not to feel any pain in your lower back.

Try doing it twelve times on each side with two or three sets and you will definitely find it good for your core and lower back. 

If you have questions or if you need help we'd be happy to help!