Chinese Cupping: Does Cupping Really Work And Why Do Athletes Use It?

Why Do Athletes use Cupping?

Last August, cupping marks on some athletes made the headlines and sparked questions among Olympics fans (and non-fans) alike.

All sorts of athletes (mostly Americans) were covered in red little spots that looked like round bruises. 

Some found it funny, but others wondered why they have it.

Does it contribute to their strength? Does it hurt?

Cupping therapy doesn't hurt, and athletes use this a a soft tissue modality to help recovery and improve performance.

Does it Work?

Olympics is a battle of the strongest, fittest, fastest and greatest athletes in the world. What is their secret?

Most people will use the cupping therapy to help with circulation or tightness in soft tissues and muscles and what they do is they suction onto the skin and draw the circulation up towards the surface.

Cupping helps improve the blood circulation.

Science doesn't necessarily back this claim, although there have been many anecdotes of individuals finding it of benefit.

Some athletes who have had cupping say that it was useful for them.

However, if your are not an athlete, will it work for you too?

It actually depends on your condition, it might help your symptoms, your circulation and it might help you moving a little bit more. 

The question is: will it solve your problem?

does cupping work?

Cupping may or may not be able to solve your problem at all but getting some expert physio advice, the right exercise and the right treatment plan will be of great help!

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