Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Home Exercises

The best way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome effectively so that the issue does not return is by incorporating a regular exercise regime into your routine.

Here are a few at home exercises and treatments you can do yourself to treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.


Forearm, shoulder and hand stretches

These will help to decrease the compressive forces and tension surrounding the tendons and nerves, allowing them to glide better.

Hold all stretches for 30second, and repeat 2-3 times per day.


Tendon glides

These exercises will help to get the tendons running through the carpal tunnel to glide better.

Repeat each position 30x, 3 sets a day, transitioning between a straight hand and the following 4 hand positions in the pictures in the first row, and gliding between the two positions in the pictures below (as if your hand was a piece of seaweed being swept by a wave)


Median nerve glides

These exercises will get the median nerve gliding better through the carpal tunnel, and also as it runs up to the shoulder.

Do not hold the position, but do repetitions of the movement.

1 set of 10 a day, gradually increasing to 3 sets.

Ensure movements are pain free so as not to “set the nerve off.”


Self massage

A tennis ball, rolling pin, foam roller etc can be used to loosen up the muscles in your forearm.

3 minutes each day will make big changes in muscle tightness.


Wrist and shoulder stability exercises

These exercises will help get a good balance of strength between the front and back forearm muscles – as the flexors are often overworking with carpal tunnel syndrome.

They will also unsure your shoulder posture is optimal, which will mean the wrist flexors won't have to work so hard.

Start with a light weight or low resistance theraband, and gradually increase as strength improves.