Bridging and Hip Extension For Your Glutes


Improving Your 'Bridge' Exercise for Hip Extension

Are you someone that could benefit from exercises that could help restore muscle imbalances of the lower extremity and core? 

Far too often we're stuck in a position where our hips are bent and our glutes and our hip stabilizer muscles switch off.

One of the best exercises you can do is to lay flat on your back, feet right up close to your bum as far as you can and nice and wide about hip width and what you need to do is you need to squeeze your butt first and then lift your hips up off the floor as high as you possibly can, really squeezing this nice and hard and coming back down. 


Go up and hold it for a couple of seconds while thinking about squeezing your butt and then coming back down.

For an added layer of difficulty what you can do is again squeeze up nice and high and then without letting your pelvis shift side to side or tip and twist, you want to hold up there and then you want to balance on one leg and back down and swap over there.

The idea is to simply march on one hip, march on the other and then let yourself come back down. 

This exercise is simple, easy to do and effective to begin working on your glutes and hip extension.

It works really well to get your glutes active your hip rotators fired up and stabilized.

We suggest that you do this before a training,  a run or  a workout. You'll find that your pelvis your hips and your legs will function a whole lot better.