Common problems with booking an appointment with your physiotherapist and how we solve them.

6 reasons why Cliniko makes booking your physiotherapist appointment easier (review)


You have probably been in this situation before - you’ve sustained an injury or have pain somewhere, have finally decided to make an appointment to see an expert in pain and injury (physiotherapists), and the booking process is clunky, uncomfortable and riddled with errors.

We get it - we don’t like it either.

You need things to go as smoothly as possible.

So we’ve solved the problem.

We have been hard at work constantly improving the journey for you, and one of the keys to this is a piece of software that we use called CLINIKO.

We make it easier than ever for you to get in touch with us, make your initial appointment, and ensure that you thoroughly enjoy the process of our communications with you, and everything surrounding the booking process.

The problems with the booking process MODEL

There are a few problems that you might consistently run into, when dealing with health clinics.

Unfortunately, health professionals (especially doctors) are renowned for a few things:

  • It is difficult to access practice contact details

  • No ability to book online

  • Speaking to the right person on the phone, who knows what they are doing and are able to help you quickly and efficiently

  • Difficulty getting an appointment in a timely manner.

  • Getting reminders for your appointments with the right information

  • The clinic running on time for your appointment

  • Your therapist prepared for your consult.


About Cliniko

We have searched high and low, left no stone unturned - and have settled with the perfect fit for us - Cliniko.

(See Cliniko in action >>HERE<< )

Cliniko is technically a practice management software - but that is a dull and boring term!

Essentially, for us - we manage our entire business largely inside Cliniko.

It’s range of features include:

  • Diary and appointment management

  • Client files (details, treatment notes, scan results and referrals)

  • Product management

  • Invoicing and payment management

  • Online bookings

  • Integration with other software, like Xero for accounts

Cliniko is cloud-based, which means that as long as we have internet access, we can log into Cliniko - no need for servers or lack of access to our data!

It is protected and encrypted to the highest standards, meaning that you can be completely confident in the security of your personal information.

And because it is ‘in the cloud’, it is incredibly easy for us to offer you some BRILLIANT features!


How Cliniko solves your booking problems


  1. Accessing our practice contact details.

No longer do you have to trawl the Yellow Pages or wade through directories or referrals to find us.

Because of Cliniko, we are super easy to find across all digital channels.

On our website, Facebook page, Google, Instagram or whatever other way you need to find us, you can get in touch with us.

Whether it is via phone, email, chat, fax or in person - or even not at all (if you want to book online), you never have to worry about finding us - it’s easy!


2. Booking online

We know that almost every single person does their research online in this day and age - and you most likely make your decision whether to see us or not right then and there, in that moment.

We also know that you are busy - you have plenty on your plate, and you like to do things in your own time.

No one wants to sit on hold, or wait to speak to the right person - you want to make an appointment in your own time.

And now you can.

On every single page of our website, you will find our booking widget - and it is so easy to use!

You can choose from a myriad of options - which location, therapy type, therapist and time are all there for you within a couple of clicks!

It is mobile responsive, so it looks brilliant when you are on your phone (and lets face it, we are all mostly doing this on our phones anyway!)


3. Appointments in a timely process

With Terrace Physio Plus, you can almost always get an appointment within 24 hours.

And Cliniko allows you to book an appointment with as little as 2 hours’ notice (if there are availabilities).

How good is that!


4. Getting the right reminders and information

Because EVERYTHING is managed within Cliniko, and a lot of it can be automated, it means that you are always receiving the right info, at the right time.

We can customise the settings so that you are getting what you need, when you need it.


5. Running on time and being prepared

Because of Cliniko, our clinic almost always runs on time.

It helps us be more effective and efficient with our time.

This means that your appointment won’t be cut short, but you will get the time and attention that your condition needs.

It also means that you won’t be inconvenienced by us running too late and holding you back from the rest of your day.


6. Your therapist prepared and engaged in your consult

There is nothing worse than stepping into a consult as if you are a stranger.

Because all of our practice data is ‘in the cloud’, you can be confident that whichever location you are attending, or whatever therapist you are seeing, that they can pick up where you left off with your previous consult, and continue with your management plan.

This equates to a smoother process for you, and better outcomes and meeting the goals of your individualised management plan.



We know what it is like to have a clunky booking process and a disjointed clinic.

We had that clinic once, a distant lifetime ago.

But things are different now, and they are better for you.

Cliniko means that the booking process is smoother and easier for you, and helps us to ensure that you get the outcomes that you want, that you move well, and that you feel great.

It is our honour, privilege and passion to be able to provide this for you.

We’ll see you soon!



What frustrates you the most about booking an appointment with your local clinic?

How would an online booking system like clinko make life easier for you?

Give Cliniko a try now and book an appointment with us.


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