Bedrest After Injury: Should I Rest If I Am In Pain?

One of the most common questions that physiotherapists are asked after someone like you has  a back injury is: "Should I have bed rest after I have a back injury?"

This is a concern to most patients - it can be very confronting and scary to be in pain.

The standard treatment not even 20 years ago used to be two weeks of bed rest and then you can start moving.

It's tempting to crawl into bed when you have an injury, but tackling back pain means limiting bed rest - this is scientific evidence, and our highly trained therapists only practice the best treatment approaches.

Physiotherapists know that after a back injury, you need to mobilise (or walk) at a tolerable level because being on bed rest can actually make you worse.

We call this relative rest - not complete rest, but rest compared to what you would normally do.

You need to stop doing some things that you normally would do because pain indicates that your body needs a chance to recover too. 

We know that if you completely stop moving, you'll get stiff, your muscles will get tight, your biomechanics (the way you move) will get thrown right out the window and you'll have a hard time getting back to work, sport and the things you love doing.

Keep moving, mobilise as much as you can in non-painful ways so you can get back to doing your normal routine again.

Your daily activities shouldn't come to an end the moment you have a back injury.

Moving keeps you going. 

If your pain hasn't subsided within 3 days of your injury, it's time to see a physiotherapist.

At Terrace Physio Plus, we encourage you to keep moving and to choose mobilisation over your bed. 

If you've got any questions about anything related to back injury, get in touch and we will help you out.