Back Pain Injections

Are injections necessary to relieve back pain?

A lot of people will see their doctor initially after they have a back injury.

It is one of the primary reasons why people will get a doctor's appointment.

If the doctor doesn't send you to a physiotherapist, you might usually get sent for an injection.


What about a steroid injection for back pain?

Steroidal anti-inflammatory injections such as corticosteroid or a cortisone are commonly (historically) used to relieve back pain.

It can stop the inflammation that occurs with an injury but will not totally treat the pain.

It can give you some pain relief, but is just masking the injury below.

Physiotherapists would NOT want you to get an injection right away.

What we would normally do is to get you to do some movement, some stretches to let the natural healing processes happen and get you back moving naturally.

If your pain wasn't settling and there was indications that there were nerves that were irritated or you needed further intervention, then the injection might become more of an option - but we would always say try conservative treatment first - try things like stretching and mobilisation.

For most people, back pain gets better on its own, with the aid of non surgical treatments.