Announcement - New Partnership!

At Terrace Physio Plus, a large part of our mission is to build our community, far and wide. We believe that we are not just here to provide a 'health service', but to contribute to the wider community. We are always looking for opportunities to do what we exist for - to build our community by helping more people (YOU!) move well and feel great.

So, with that in mind, we have an announcement to make. This has been in the making for some time now, but we are extremely proud to announce that we have a partnership with CrossFit D.E.C.K., based in Raymond Terrace. CrossFit DECK are a local gym that specialise in high intensity, functional movements that are constantly varied across time domains and different modes of movement. In a similar way to Terrace Physio Plus, CrossFit DECK is much more than a gym - it is a community of people who don't just work out together, but support one another and forge strong friendships.

We couldn't be more excited to work with CrossFit DECK. If you touch base with them and speak with Kimberly, she can fill you in on the great member-only deals we are doing for them, as well as all the perks of a membership with their gym. Regardless of what you have heard about CrossFit - it can be done safely and enjoyably for ALL people in the right environment. Head to this page on our website for all the details!

As always, give us a call on (02) 4983-1765 for more info!