A Note From Jack... (Part 2)

If you are anything like me, you're not interested in ordinary, sub-standard products or services. Even in my personal world, I will often go out of my way, or choose a slightly more expensive option, if it means getting a superior end product or service.

What I am looking for when I make any sort of purchase is VALUE, not just cost. I want something that will be worth it, and will be a positive addition to my life. (This is particularly true when it comes to one main thing for me: coffee. And my family will testify to that!).

And we have decided at Terrace Physio Plus that this is exactly what we want to provide - and it is a deep passion of ours. We refuse to be seen just like any other service provider; a cold, clinical environment where you receive what you pay for, and leave with no interaction, personal engagement.

We have chosen to be a clinic that is passionate about building our community by not just helping more people move well, but FEEL GREAT.

When you step through our doors, it is our goal every time to greet you with a smile, to actually listen to what you have to say, and work with you to achieve your goals and desired outcomes, whatever they may be.

We refuse to simply provide a service - we want to roll out the red carpet and ensure that whatever problem you have, we will pull out all stops to solve that in a way that is meaningful and relevant to you. 

When you choose to trust us with your treatment, it is our conviction that we will go the extra mile to see you through to completion, and get you moving well and feeling excellent in the best way possible. Anything short of this is a disappointment to us.

To us, it is an honour and privilege that we get to walk with you in your journey - whether that is a relaxing massage, rehabbing that injury or keeping on top of your health and well-being in a preventative sense. We want to see more of our community feeling great, moving well and enjoying the benefits of a collaborative approach to health and wellness. And that is exciting!

So go on, make an appointment and come and be a part of our community. Let's do this...

Jack and the TPP Family.