Alex Falkenmire

Alex Profile.jpg

Alex graduated from the University of Newcastle with First Class Honours at the end of 2016, and completed her Trigger Point Dry Needling accreditation in 2017. She enjoys working with all kinds of sporting teams, and have been consistently involved with Soccer, Rugby Union, AFL and Netball. Her honours project was in relation to Rugby Union injuries. She is passionate about all sports, and occasionally tries her hand at the odd small triathlon and half marathons. She loves spending time at the beach, mainly drinking coffee and chatting with her favourite people.


What is your guilty pleasure? Curling up on the lounge in a doona burrito with nuggets and bulk watching Brooklyn Nine Nine.

What is your favourite movie? Standard go to is Lord of the Rings, but also Tangled because the horse in it is fantastic.

Name three people you would love to have dinner with? Ryan Reynolds (hilarious),  and undecided...

Why do you love physiotherapy? Everyday is something different. I love the opportunity to help people reach their goals, meet so many different people and learn something new everyday. 

What is your favourite book? Black Beauty, the Harry Potter books, the Barefoot Runner

What is your favourite place in the world? Running along the beaches at 6am as the sun comes up with my big sister.

What do you love most about Terrace Physio Plus? Work just doesn't feel like work. It is such a supportive environment that is passionate about helping people, it's fun to come to work everyday. 

What is your favourite quote? When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher.

What would people be surprised to know about you? I once ate 40 nuggets and am terrified of leeches to the point I will tuck my pants into my socks to escape them.