Our vision is deliberately larger than life. It is the heartbeat of what we do – the ‘why’ that makes us look forward to being a part of Terrace Physio Plus every day. Terrace Physio Plus exists for a very simple purpose:
Helping all people MOVE WELL and FEEL GREAT!


We’re a values-driven organisation – our values are what set us apart from others and provide guidance for making decisions every day. Terrace Physio Plus achieves our goals by consistently living our values. Any decision, problem or issue will be answered by referring to these values…

1. Be “WOW”

We always exceed expectations. Seek to amaze in everything we do. Whether it be how we interact with each other, or how others experience our clinics or our care, everything we do is done with the intention of making others think and say: ‘wow’.

2. Make it Happen

Speed and execution is the game. Be outcome oriented – it is always about getting a result. We take initiative and have laser focus. We are not high pressure, but we are a high performance culture environment.

3. Be memorable.

Live by the rule of 51%. We always give more than we take. We set high standards, have great attention to detail and like to impress. We are friendly and make positive first impressions. We take the time to celebrate milestones and successes, we carry great energy, excitement and exuberance.

4. Find a better way.

We push boundaries and challenge convention. We see obstacles as the stepping stones to progress. We are always searching for ways to be innovative. Complacency is not our thing. We are adventurous, creative, and open-minded. We are nimble, flexible and easy going.

5. Respect everyone.

Integrity and intention really matter. A small thing to us may be the ONLY thing that matters to a client. We are always on time. We always do what we say we will do. We always communicate in clearly and concisely. We are generous with our time to help others. We take responsibility and don’t blame people.

6. We are a Team.

We are contributors, not consumers. We are better together than individually. Create a mutually dependent environment, not mutually exclusive. This is not a place to keep work and personal lives separate. We lean into team relationships, and initiate engagement. We sacrifice for others, because we know they’d do the same for us. Bring your little bit of ‘quirk’ and looks for ways to inject fun and joy.

7. Live on the extra mile

Good enough isn’t good enough. We live in a society that encourages mediocrity – at TPP, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond. This starts with high standards both as individuals and as a team. We exude enthusiasm. We don’t settle for average. Good is the enemy of great.

8. Do more with less

Every challenge is an opportunity. We are master of leverage, and seek to achieve massive output with very little input. We are resourceful and innovative. We aren’t bound by perceived limitations, but lean into opportunities.

What sets us apart

Our vision is bold and our values are strong. These are the qualities that set Terrace Physio Plus apart from all competition, both within our industry and externally. But we think that what truly makes us unique is:

We Care

The incredible value that is placed on individuals

Extra Mile

The lengths which we will go to ensure that every person moves well and feels great.


One on one care, with detailed recommended action plans and individualised treatment.